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As a turnkey designer and installer of solar panels in Livermore, Semper Solaris ensures that your solar system needs are met.

Best Solar Panel Company Livermore

Services Provided by Semper Solaris for Livermore Residents

Though sunny weather around the year in the southwestern US can increase the bills of your power consumption due to its excessive usage in hot days but it can also offer the opportunity to reduce your dependency on electricity supply companies by producing and using solar energy, solar energy can be a cost-effective alternative to grid power. It can not only save your money but also your environment by reducing the emission of harmful gases. Solar energy is produced by a few companies in the US and Semper Solaris is one who is proud to serve Livermore. We are supplying solar power in the Livermore region and provide the best services to our customers. One should get connected with us mainly due to a considerable reduction in his/her power consumption bills.

Solar Panel Installation in Livermore

Solar energy is the energy we receive from sunlight. The sun’s rays provide more than just warmth and light — it also supplies enough energy that we can use to power our homes. With the right equipment and solar technology in place, your home can become energy efficient and independent of the electrical grid with renewable energy. If you are unsure about solar panel installation in Livermore, contact us and consult one of our representatives about the benefits of solar energy for your home.

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Reduction in power bills

The energy produced by using solar panels will be cheaper and more convenient than the energy produced by other sources including grid power. If you are still doubtful in this regard then clear out your doubts we can install a solar panel system at your home. It will help you to see the difference in your power bills after one month. Solar panels work very effectively in the Livermore region because the sun shines in this region all through the year. It can also help you in making some additional money, during the autumn season when you need not us AC, by selling the surplus energy to the Livermore power supply company.

Get rebates and tax credits from the government

People who are switching from grid supply to solar power for their domestic use can get various benefits from the government. The government currently offers a substantial solar tax credit which allows you to get back up to 30% of the value of your system! But hurry, the tax credit is set to go down yearly. The time to take advantage of the solar tax credit is now!

Improvement in the market value of the property

The market value of the homes with a source of renewable energy increases in California. People prefer to buy such homes due to enormous savings through lower power bills in the long run.

Livermore Residents are Switching to Solar. Save Money & Claim Freedom From Rising Electric Rates

Usage of Solar Battery Storage in Livermore

The concept of solar battery storage is not commonly offered by solar contractors in Livermore. This device can be used to store energy to use it later on. It is connected to your solar power generation system to store the energy as well as control its usage during peak hours. Different power supply companies charge at different rates for the power you consume. This rate can be highest at peak hours due to the maximum consumption of energy.

You can control this excessive consumption of power in peak hours by using the solar power stored in the solar battery storage system. In this way, this storage battery saves lots of money by reducing your electricity bills. It can also help you in making some additional money by selling the surplus power stored in your solar battery to the power supply companies in your area. We can help you in maximizing your savings by providing and installing a solar battery storage system at your place.

Looking for the best solar panel installation company in Livermore? Look no further, Semper Solaris is the best solar company.

Roofing Service in Livermore

Semper Solaris also offers roofing services of the best quality in the Livermore area. As the best solar contractor in Livermore, we use rooftop materials manufactured by the world’s best companies like Owens Corning. to ensure long-lasting results of our solar panel installation service. Most of the world’s top rooftop manufacturing companies trust us and consider us the most preferred roofing contractor in this region.

In fact, the roof of your building protects the biggest investment you have made in your lifetime. You will be compromising with the structural stability of your home if you compromise in the quality of materials used in your roof. So, you can rely on us for our roofing services for the following reasons:

The support of the warranty of the Owens Corning makes us a trusted roofing company

Being leading roof material manufacturing company Owens Corning is providing complimentary packages of shingle, hip and ridge to improve the protection and efficiency of your roof to the maximum level.

We use durable waterproof materials while installing the roof of your home so that it can provide your proper ventilation along with protecting you from natural disasters.

Solar Power Company Livermore

We are different from other roofing companies in this region because we take care of your entire roofing system including shingles, barriers, insulation, ventilation, and underlayment of the roof whereas others focus only on shingles. Our roofing system is backed by the warranty of the top rooftop manufacturing company of the world because of our roofing system strong and airtight.

If your roofing system has big damage even then you can rely on us as we can also do re-roofing by using various types of products according to the style of your roof and your budget. We offer on-time roofing services regardless of their type.

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In this way, Semper Solaris is a 3 in 1 service provider in Livermore as it can not only install solar panels but also provide you new rooftops as well as a solar battery to store solar power. The results if the services provided by us are very effective because the high-quality products we use are backed by the warranties provided by their manufacturer companies. Moreover, we can maximize your benefits from our services as our professionals will educate you in this regard while installing solar panels and solar battery storage system at your home. Moreover, the roofing system installed by us can help you in maximizing your returns by making your roofing system more efficient. Additionally, we provide a warranty for all of our solar energy and roofing-related services to ensure the quality of our workmanship. Besides you need not search for a separate contractor for each service as you can get all these services to form us under one roof.

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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