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Are you tired of giving excessive electricity bills every month? Is it becoming too costly for you to pay thousands of electricity bills especially on hot summer days? Well, here is a permanent solution for you which are cost-effective as well as environment-friendly.

Switching to solar energy is the best step you can take to decrease the electricity bills. All you have to do is install a solar panel system at your home. But which company is the most reliable in Oakland? While considering a solar contractor in Oakland, here are a few things you need to look for:

  • Certified and authorized.
  • Low energy rates per hour.
  • Takes back the surplus energy.
  • Guaranteed Solar Panel along with 24*7 customer services.

One such company that has all the above factors is Semper Solaris. We are a certified solar contractor in Oakland that provides long term services to our customers. Starting from roofing to solar panel installation to battery storage, we are a one-stop destination for all these services. Note that by opting to solar energy you are not only reducing your electricity bills but also saving the environment from toxic emissions. Traditional electrical systems take energy from fossil fuels which release toxic emissions and greenhouse gases. There is no such thing with solar energy.

Oakland Residents are Switching to Solar.

Solar Panel Installation at the Best Price in Oakland

Semper Solaris provides the best solar panel installation in Oakland at quite an effective rate. But before going to our service you need to know why solar panel installation at homes is important. Here are the top reasons why solar panel installation is embraced by most homes today: Solar energy is renewable energy. Unlike traditional electricity the source of which is from fossil fuels, the solar panel absorbs energy from sunlight thus making it environment-friendly. So, when you switch to solar energy you are making your home free from carbon footprints. As solar energy is environment-friendly, the government is highly appreciating people who are installing solar panels at home. Basically, the government is paying rebates and tax credits to people who are opting for solar energy. You can get up to 50% rebate back after installing a solar panel at home. So if you are spending thirty thousand dollars on installing a solar panel system in Oakland, you will get back nine thousand dollars as a rebate from the government. Isn’t that a great opportunity to get returns from your investment? So don’t waste your time, install a solar panel system now before it becomes a necessity in the city. The solar panel is the biggest investment you are making for your home.

As the California government is encouraging solar panel installation in homes, potential buyers too are preferring homes that use solar power for electricity. As a result, when you install a solar panel at home, your total cost of the property increases to a great extends. It means you are adding a valuable investment to your property.

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Does installing solar panels reduce your electricity bills?

By installing a solar panel you are actually saving a lot of money that you have to otherwise spend on electricity bills. Our customers who have installed a solar panel at home had seen a drastic change in the electricity bill after a month. In the hot summer days, the bills get reduced by up to 50%. In these months of the year when the weather is cold and you don’t need that much energy for your home, you can send the excess energy back to us. The company is going to pay you back for the excess unused solar energy you generate from your solar panel.

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Full Roofing Inspection and Installation in Oakland

We are not only known as the best solar contractor in Oakland, but also for our high-class roofing services. Your house is one of the biggest investments in your life, and the roof acts as an ultimate shield or protection. So while choosing the roof material you need to be very careful. The reason why our roofing service is the best is that we only use roof materials manufactured by Owens Corning (the world’s best roof material manufacturer). We are Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor so when you hire us for roofing, it comes with a warranty from our partner itself. Don’t just believe us; you can check various online reviews of customers who have taken our roofing service.

The roof materials that are used in our projects are highly durable and sturdy. These are airtight so as to protect the interior of our home from any external calamities. Our workers are highly skilled and professional in their field. Once you hire us, you don’t need to think of anything else. Starting from house inspection to after building services, our team is always available to assist you.

Here are the best qualities of our roofing system:

  • Durable Waterproof Lifetime warranty good finish
  • The Owens Corning company also provides complimentary ridge, hip, and shingles for extra protection of the roof and making the roof long-lasting.

Solar Battery Storage System in Oakland

When you are installing your solar panel you need to see how you can maximize profit from it. Having a battery storage system along with your solar panel will help you to control the energy used in peak-hours. During the peak hours, the rates are double than in normal hours. The battery storage will save extra energy from off-peak hours and use it on Peak-hours, saving a lot of money. Apart from this, the extra energy that is saved from off-peak hours can also be sold back to the company. This means you will get full returns for the surplus energy you save from a battery storage system. Some smart battery system like JLM batteries and Tesla PowerWall comes with dashboards that let you adjust the storage settings.

By embracing solar power in Oakland you are not only saving money but also earning from the surplus energy you sell back to your company. Call our customer care executive to know how you can efficiently use the battery storage to maximize your return. Hiring Semper Solaris means you are maximizing the profit from your solar investment and your overall cost getting reduced to a great extent.

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

Semper Cares