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Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage

Tesla Battery Storage in Fresno, CA

California is making the switch to solar, and so should you! Solar is environmentally-friendly and even cost-effective in the long run. Pairing solar with a battery storage unit is excellent for everyday energy storage or in the case of an emergency. Any energy that is stored or that is surplus can be sold back to the electric company for money back in your pocket.

Fresno Home Owners are Investing in Battery Storage

Our Semper Solaris team will discuss the project and expenses, and then will design the solution depending on your budget and energy needs. It is worth mentioning that you should consider a solar panel and battery storage installation at the same time to minimize the end cost. You can currently find many battery options that include the Tesla Powerwall unit; some of which can serve you around a decade.

The key benefit of the battery storage unit is that it will store solar electricity. In the absence of a solar battery storage unit, the excess electricity will go to the grid. But if you install a battery, the energy will be stored in the battery, and you can use it for your home even after the sun has set. Semper Solaris is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer and can help you choose the right battery that can last for years on end with little maintenance.

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Can Solar Battery Storage Meet All Your Energy Needs?

If your area receives an ample amount of the sunlight, then you can expect that most of your energy needs can be fulfilled by solar panels. However, your solar panel might not be as effective without a storage system. Even if you have adequate sunlight, you can’t use all the energy during the day hours. More importantly, there will be no sunlight on a rainy day. What will happen during these days? You will have to rely on the grid. However, if you have battery storage, you can use natural energy even if there is no sunlight. You might be thinking that your battery will not be able to store sufficient energy to support all your energy demands.

That’s when Semper Solaris steps in with its solar and battery experts. We study what your energy requirements are, and based on that information we help you choose the battery storage that best fits your energy needs. We provide quality products that keep up with your home’s power needs. In addition to the installation, we will supply you with maintenance tips to boost the efficiency and durability of your solar battery system.

During a power outage in Poway a home that had our battery storage unit was able to power their entire house.

How Can A Solar Battery Unit Be Effective in Fresno?

Many of us spend our time outside our homes, so we don’t use much energy during the day hours. The unused solar energy your home is producing gets sent to the city grid, that’s money out of your pocket. However, with a battery storage unit, you can use the stored solar energy when you’re ready to use it – saving you money on your electricity costs.

An additional benefit is that your battery storage unit will keep your appliances running if your local power grid goes dark. Feel good about your environmental-friendly purchase while keeping the lights on.

How Long Does a Battery Storage Unit Last?

Semper Solaris will work with you to find the best possible solution for your energy needs. Currently, the batteries we provide can last around a decade of use. So, you might need to replace it once or twice during the lifetime of your solar panels.

Get the Experts’ Help!

Contact Semper Solaris so we can help you to boost the efficiency of your solar panels with a battery storage unit. A battery can be the right investment to make the most out of your solar PV. Our experts will discuss every detail to find the most suitable solution for you. Reach out to our team and let us help you to improve the quality of your life!

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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