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Eastvale is a great place to install solar panels for your home with Semper Solaris

Solar Panel Company in Eastvale

Solar power in Eastvale is becoming more and more popular every single day. In fact, solar companies are developing in most areas of the country at present. Homemakers are being influenced by the financial advantages and they end up installing solar panels at their residences. In this article, we’re making an effort to make our clients aware of the particulars regarding solar power energy and solar panels in Eastvale.

Battery Storage in Eastvale

To make the most of your solar panels, consider adding battery storage to your home. These are easily installed and with an inverter, you can store the energy your panels create during the day, to use when you are home in the evenings. Research shows that the post-sale profits on a home with residential solar in Bonita and the addition of batteries are about 17% higher or more than similar homes with no solar. Homeowners with solar panels report a savings of at least $100 a month (and a return on investment of 20% or more), and many customers report paying no electrical bill at all with the added use of a solar energy battery storage system. With a battery system you can increase your savings even more since you will be able to use your own stored power during peak evening hours, rainy days or during power outages instead of relying on SDGE on the days your panels may not run at 100%. We offer solar financing options, so please ask a representative if you qualify!

Can I expect the batteries to have the same quality as the solar panels you use?

Yes, we also use the best batteries available on the market. Along with your solar panel installation, we can install a sleek Tesla Powerwall or an Enphase system. Both of these companies offer excellent warranties, and they are very user-friendly and can be controlled using an APP on your smartphone or tablet. It is simple to switch between your solar panels, and your battery system and adding batteries decreases your need to rely on fossil fuels for your energy and increases your independence from an outside source to provide you power! With a backup battery system, you become the complete source of your own clean and green electricity and are not exposed to rate hikes or power outages.

Save Eastvale and go solar. Produce your own clean energy with solar panel installation from Semper Solaris
Save Eastvale and go solar. Produce your own clean energy with solar panel installation from Semper Solaris

Roofing in Eastvale

Have you noticed some wear and tear, or are you considering installing solar panels on your home and curious if you need to replace your roof?

At Semper Solaris, we offer the best solar roofing in Bonita. Whether or not you are considering solar, we can help you with your roofing needs. We can send a qualified consultant out to evaluate your roof and discuss your budget and needs with you. We only offer what you need, and promise not to upsell you on products or work you do not need. As one of the few Certified Platinum Preferred Contractors in the nation, we have been specially trained and have years of experience installing one of the most top-rated roofing products in the world by Owens Corning and offers one of the best warranties available.

Replacing your worn roof is a worthwhile financial investment in your home.

Visibly noticing any sagging, peeling, or flaking on your roof are indications that it is time to have it looked at. Not only does a new roof add curb appeal and resale value to your home, but it gives you the peace of mind that your home is safe from leaks during the rainy season. Also, a new roof can make your home more energy-efficient, since it can reduce the amount of heat loss and gain during weather extremes.

Call Semper Solaris today for an evaluation! Our representatives are ready to answer your questions about solar, battery storage and roofing!

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