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Make your home in Downey energy efficient with a new roof, solar panels, or battery storage from Semper Solaris.

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In California, we’re blessed with sunny weather year-round. In southern areas, like Downey, the constant heat can suddenly become more of a curse by consequently resulting in higher energy bills to keep your home comfortable. We, at Semper Solaris, want to keep your perspective of the weather bright and cheery by fixing you up with solar.

With our local technicians at Semper Solaris, solar panel installation in Downey is a breeze. We understand the unique needs and preferences of Downey homeowners and will make sure your panels comply with every little regulation. Our years of experience and expertise provide us with an advantage when it comes to offering you the best solar installation in Downey.

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When you first contact our Downey Semper Solaris office, we will set you up with a local representative who will work to tailor your solar experience to your time, goals, and home. They can provide answers to any Downey specific questions regarding rebates, rates, and solar permits. Plus, any other information about our solar products, benefits, and installation is just one call away.

The initial cost of solar panels is expensive, so don’t take your investment into solar lightly. Trust a professional company to recommend the best solar panels tailored to your home, and to give you a successful and dependable installation.

It’s our mission to give everyone the opportunity to use clean energy, so we make sure our team is trained and ready to get the job done quickly and correctly, saving you time and money with your solar panels.

Downey Residents: Now is the Time to Switch to Solar


As a city, Downey has taken action to improve air quality and reduce air pollution through its Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee. Charging stations for electric cars are being installed in various locations throughout the city. Downey was awarded a grant from the South Coast Air Quality Management District to supply funds for both the purchase and installation of these charging stations.

As a homeowner in Downey, you too have the opportunity to positively impact the environment. When you choose a professional solar company in Downey, like Semper Solaris, to install solar panels on your roof, you are embarking on a journey toward clean energy and embracing a better, healthier planet.

The type of solar panels on most homes is called Photovoltaic Solar Panels. Photovoltaic Solar Panels generate electricity from the light of the sun. This process occurs naturally when certain materials are exposed to sunlight. Accordingly, solar energy is as abundant and renewable as the light of the sun.

Solar energy is clean energy. The process of converting sunlight to usable electricity is natural and doesn’t produce greenhouse gas emissions or any other air pollution. The same cannot be said about energy produced by fossil fuels.

In fact, much of the air pollution and climate affecting greenhouse gasses are emitted from burning fossil fuels. Energy is in high demand in today’s culture. To safeguard our planet and health, switch to clean energy.

Once you understand the benefits of solar energy and become aware of the negative effects of other energy processes, there’s really only one option: go solar!

House with solar panels
House with solar panels in Downey


One of your first and most important steps down the path toward clean energy is to find a reliable and professional solar contractor in Downey.

At Semper Solaris, we are your one-stop for both professional solar and roofing services. A great solar system will work inefficiently if it’s not positioned correctly on the roof, and a weak roof can collapse under the weight of solar panels. Our team of trained and experienced technicians know just what makes a strong roof, and work toward only the best roofing installations.

Here are four telltale signs your roof needs replacing:


    One of the most obvious and recognizable signs your roof needs replacing is leakage. If you notice moisture leaking through your ceiling or attic, or even see light peeking through it’s time to call a professional roofing company in Downey to replace your roof.


    Sometimes roofs get severe bruising and damage from the weather. For Downey, sun exposure and extra heat are big factors of roofing deterioration. It’s smart to bring in a professional roofing contractor to assess the damage of your roof.


    Even if your roof appears sturdy, if it’s over 20-30 years old it’s probably time to get a replacement. If you’re unsure of the age of your roof, it’s a good idea to call a professional contractor like Semper Solaris for an evaluation.


    If you notice your shingles are cracked or curling, your shingles have hit the end of their lives. At this point, your roof isn’t strong enough to do its job in protecting your house and the time for a replacement roof is now.

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

Semper Cares