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If you’re a Lancaster resident, chances are that you already know that mayor Rex Parris has taken large steps to making the city “the solar capital of the universe”. All new housing projects in Lancaster are required to include rooftop solar, serving as a positive model for cities like Santa Monica and San Francisco. Unemployment rates in Lancaster have dropped almost 11% since 2009, and many huge advancements in the production of clean, renewable energy have come about as a result of the solar industry’s growth.

Going Solar in Lancaster, CA

This question tends to be one of the most important questions on a person’s mind when it comes to solar panels. Is your investment worth it and when will you see the value of your system? You can rest assured that in its first six years of operation, the average 6-kilowatt solar panel system providing energy to an average-sized household in California can save up to $13,000, and up to $29,420 by the twentieth year! Not only will you be saving money on your utilities, but you will be adding value to your home as well! The Berkeley Lab published a recent report that covered over 22,000 homes in six different states and discovered that the installation of solar panels can increase your home’s value by approximately $4 per watt.

Renewable Energy in Lancaster

Usually, in life, you don’t want to follow trends blindly or accept things at face value. You want to research, look at both sides and make an informed decision. With solar power, the facts are overwhelming. Take the Clear Channel Stadium, home of the Lancaster JetHawks. It’s the first Minor League Baseball stadium in the U.S. to go green, and it has seen incredible results: nearly 100 percent of its energy usage is offset by its solar power system and it saved the owners of the stadium nearly fifty thousand dollars in the first year alone! While you may not be saving tens of thousands of dollars a year with your system, solar power allows you to gain your independence from the electric companies while creating jobs for your neighbors and protecting the environment from harmful fossil fuel emissions.

Choosing the Right Solar Company in Lancaster

With its heavy focus on solar power, you know that there are many options for solar companies in Lancaster. How do you know which company to go with?

Customer reviews are often accurate indications of whether or not you should trust a company with your business. One of the most important things to look at when checking out a solar company is to see whether or not they respond to their customers and make them feel valued. Using sites like Yelp you gain insight into how a company treats its customers. Here at Semper Solaris, we take pride in the way we treat our customers and their concerns. We make a dedicated effort to respond to all questions and make our customers know that they are our number one priority.

As you may already know, when installing solar panels you have to attain the proper permits and the county of Los Angeles is no exception. Navigating these permits is not always easy, and the best way is to trust a company that knows the solar permitting system inside and out!

At Semper Solaris we employ the best team of solar panel technicians and representatives, and our Los Angeles office is filled with techs who have installed hundreds of rooftop solar panels for Los Angeles County residents. Our team will help you with solar permitting for Lancaster or any other city in Los Angeles County and get your system hooked up to the Southern California Edison grid! We take exceptional care into ensuring your solar panel installation is compliant with local rules and regulations, all with a hassle-free experience!

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