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Do you enjoy spending your summer days roaming the beach and nearby areas? Well, you are one of many Oceanside residents who love to spend their free time by the water and in the sun. The city of Oceanside seems to have an endless supply of fun things to do when it comes to the summer season. But many residents are missing out on the chance of profiting off of this great weather! Oceanside, Camp Pendleton, and Carlsbad are all sunny pretty much year-round, which is perfect for investing in solar energy! Yes, we have our overcast days but this does not damper the fact that solar will save you money! Semper Solaris has all of your solar needs in the Oceanside area, with installations happening all the time, you might see us on your part of town sometime soon!

Oceanside Residents Are Taking Advantage of the Benefits of Installing Solar!

Green Energy

As the twenty-first century continues to roll on the idea of going green is everywhere, this not only is smart for the environment but also for your pockets. San Diego ranks number two in the nation for savings when solar panels are installed. This is because of the multiple tax write-offs and other types of rebates that are available for going green and using solar. You will see a big decrease in the cost of your power bill in just the first month and might even see your power bill disappear completely over time. San Diego also allows some homeowners to send their unused solar power back to the power grid for a payment. Imagine That! When it comes to solar, Semper Solaris has all your answers, from permitting to panel material, we pride ourselves in knowing every aspect of the solar installation.

Solar Panels From Above
Semper Solaris offers solar panel installations and roofing jobs to ensure your home roof is ready for solar panels!

Cloud Scares

One key point that many people around the country consistently bring up is that of cloud cover, and how it affects solar energy output. Well, yes and no. Very heavy cloud cover can impact the amount of energy being collected through your system. But just as you can still get sunburnt, solar panels also can still collect small amounts of light energy when it is cloudy. There are also advantages when it comes to clouds and solar, and it is called the cloud edge effect. This is when the sun passes over the edge of the cloud causing the sun rays to be magnified and your solar panels to produce efficiently.

Locals Only

Just as some people don’t like out of towners hitting their beach spot, it is best to stay local when it comes to solar. The team at Semper Solaris has vast amounts of experience in the Oceanside area, along with other surrounding areas in San Diego. This experience allows us to say that we understand every box that we need to check when it comes to installing in your area. From what permits need to be acquired to what materials work best when it comes to panel mounts, we are confident that we are equipping your home with the best materials for saving thousands.

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