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Does Solar Make Sense in San Diego? | Solar Panels, Battery Storage, Roofing, HVAC

According to a recent news report, the number of solar panels in California has tripled since 2005. And with solar energy continuing to grow, it will only become more popular. California has created several solar power benefits to encourage more people to switch to green energy.

San Diego solar incentives include tax benefits, net metering, and loans. Taking advantage of these benefits from the best solar companies in San Diego will help you live a more carbon-free life. 

Here’s why solar is a worthwhile investment in San Diego. 

Tax Benefits  

San Diego solar incentives encourage green building and solar energy. The federal government and California offer generous tax rebates once you install solar panels on your property. 

Twenty-eight percent of Californians get their energy from a solar power company. You can get a 30 percent solar tax credit for solar installation. Furthermore, California offers even more benefits. Residents get a tax break from the best solar companies in San Diego, and businesses can receive even more.

It’s best to check with your tax preparer about taking full advantage of solar installation before you switch the solar power. 

Moreover, solar energy is excluded from property tax assessments in California. You’ll lower your tax burden just by switching to solar. 

Net Metering

The roofing and solar San Diego installation at your home will produce more solar energy than you need. Net metering allows you to sell back unused solar energy to the solar power company.

In turn, you become eligible for net metering! This process allows you to make money from your home’s roofing and solar San Diego panels. Here’s the catch – you must be connected to the power grid.

The money you will earn from net metering will vary monthly. However, you can use that money to pay for your solar installation. You can also use it for a vacation, college tuition, or even more green home improvements.


California offers several low-interest loan programs to help you pay for solar energy projects. 

You can seek out a financial institution with fixed rates. In addition to loans specific to solar energy, you could also take a home equity line of credit. 

San Diego residents can also take advantage of several solar programs aimed at low-income Californians if you don’t feel you can’t afford solar installation based on your financial situation.  

San Diego Solar Incentives

San Diego solar incentives include tax benefits, net metering, and loans. Once you discover how these incentives work, it makes the decision to convert to solar energy much easier. Soon, you’ll be enjoying the benefit of reducing your carbon footprint!

Allow us to show you the benefits of solar energy in San Diego. Our team of skilled experts will answer any of your questions and calm any fears you might have about the system. Schedule your free quote today!

We will show you how simple and easy installation at your home will reap many financial and environmental benefits!

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

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